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Full Matriculation Certificate

The Matriculation Certificate (te’udat bagrut) is that all-important piece of paper required for the continuation of academic studies in a university or college. There are also many employers who make it a condition of employment. It is granted to students in academic, technological, agricultural schools, and yYeshiva high schools, who pass all exams and meet all other matriculation requirements. Immigrant students are entitled to certain concessions of the examinations and to help in preparing for them. 

Structure of the Matriculation Certificate

All students who wish to receive a matriculation certificate must pass the National Matriculation Exam (referred to as the bechina chitzonit), administered by the Ministry of Education. The required subjects include Bible, Composition, English or French, Hebrew grammar and Mathematics, among others. Further, each school determines the number of additional subject units according to its own requirements. The matriculation certificate contains a list of the subjects in which the student was tested in the exam, as well as those subjects in which the student was tested by the school (known as the bechina pnimit). Bagrut exams take place over a three-year period. For example, at the conclusion of 10th grade (kita yud), Hebrew exams are administered, while history exams are given at the end of 11th grade (kita yud aleph). Elite Academy students take their English language bagrut at the end of 10th grade. Certain exams are oral, but the majority are written exams. In some cases, such as language exams, the exams are both written and oral. It is necessary to achieve a minimum grade of 56 (out of a possible 100) in each subject in order to the pass the bagrut exam. Students may repeat particular exams in order to improve their scores.Students must also have done volunteer work in the tenth grade, and must have participated in physical education and homeroom sessions each year, in order to matriculate.