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The Mosenson High School is one out of 3 High Schools in the Hod-Hashron Area.
The Mosenson High School was the first School opened in Hod Hasharon and is considered to be one of the top Schools in the area.
There approximately 850 students that study here, out of which 220 are Boarding School students and the rest are day students from the area.
The High School is known for many special programs such a very special Agro-Ecology program that deals with current environmental issues. A sports program, that is ranked in the top 5 in Israel. A film and communication class that wins prizes every year. An excellence class, that studies science subjects such as math, chemistry, physics and biology at the highest levels and more.
The Mosenson High School is one of the first Schools in Israel that absorbed new immigrants after the Holocaust and has continued to do so during the past 70 years.
Our graduates move on after the army service and are accepted into the best universities and colleges in Israel.