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Parents & Student Testimonials
"You have been amazing all the way through this experience. Alma cannot be happier; she is adjusting beautifully... Thank you for organizing everything to the detail and supporting our family from the beginning of the process."
-Ruben and Aida
"Thank you so much.I am continuously reminded of the Talmudic commandment regarding the three responsibilities a parent has to their child: to educate them, to get them engaged to be married and to teach them to swim. And why swimming? Because it teaches the parent to let go and allow the child to be on their own... And this experience, in as much as it is the best educational experience for our children, is also an experience for us.Thanks again."
-Uri and Mala
"I wanted to thank you once again for everything you've been doing for Shane! You were there when we needed you and you were always responsive... We've been hearing [that he had] a good start and is very happy there. Of course, he is a teenager and we have already learned from our kids that when a teenager is complaining a bit, that means that everything is close to perfect... [we know] that the program and the staff are just a wonderful fit for what he needs."
"Ari is doing well and enjoying himself. At one point he exclaimed that he hadn't watched TV for 3 weeks and didn't even miss it. Instead he was focusing on making friends and school.Thanks for your help with the whole process."
Alex Hart
Ana Friberg
Zeev Bar Yadin
if you would like to get in touch with parents just send us an email and we will gladly add you to our facebook group of parents of current and former students of ours from all over the world.