Ilana Yoffe
9th grade Counselor

My name is Ilana, I'll be the 9th grade counselor at the Mosinzon Boarding School in 2013-2014.

I'm 28 years old, live with my boyfriend and dog on campus and study Body-Centered Psychotherapy.
I was born in Russia, moved to Israel at a very young age and then to the USA towards the 1st grade, in the 6th grade I moved to Germany and then back to Israel when I was 15 years old. Since, I've been mainly based in Israel with a year in Canada, a year in France and half a year back in the States. All the moving around in my childhood was due to my Dad's work. It was a difficult experience at the time, switching countries, languages, friends, schools, houses, mentalities, but now I look at it with a smile as it gave me so much in my life. A broader understanding of different cultures, 5 languages and the ability to adapt to many different situations, I think that these experiences I had throughout my life is what brought me to want to work with Naale, the understanding of what they're going through, and the vision into the future of what it can bring.

I'm very excited to start the year and to get to know everybody and to create our own little home country within the group that'll incorporate a bit of everyone :)

My phone number is +972-545737783
My e-mail is
I'm here for you, the parents and the kids,