Dr. Boaz Stavi
Shalom, my
Dear parents,
My name is Boaz Stavi. Let me shortly introduce myself.
I'm 37 Years old, married and father to a 6 years old child. I grew up in a Kibbutz in Beit Sean Valley, and for the last 5 years I worked at the universities of Tel Aviv and Wuerzburg (Germany) on my PhD dissertation in the fields of archaeology and ancient history.
During the last months I joined the staff of Mosenson, and in the coming 3 years I'm going to be the home room teacher of your children. I know how hard it must be to send your love ones to Israel and I will do anything in my power to help them succeed in school and to keep you informed as much as possible. As for you, feel free to contact me via my email and telephone (attached below).
Best wishes
Dr. Boaz Stavi
Email: staviboa@gmail.com
Tel: 00972-549212678